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David Fanning, Principal
A. Philip Randolph Campus High School welcomes prospective members of the class of 2022 to our Open Houses 10/17 and 11/08 at 6 PM in the Auditorium

!!Global Health Day!!

Global Health Day


  1. Philip Randolph Campus High School was proud to host its first annual Global Health Day on Thursday April 6th.

Students had the honor to speak with distinguished medical professionals across various disciplines, in an effort ;to gather a deeper understanding of the global health issues that we face in different parts of the world. Students were encouraged to ask questions and discover the obstacles that nations experience in relation to accessing clean water, current vaccinations and antibiotics, widespread hunger, and human trafficking.


Students were treated to a Keynote Address by Dr. Maurizio Trevisan, the founding Dean of the CUNY School of Medicine, as well as a lecture by Dr. Atkinson, the Medical Student Advisor and Distinguished Medical Lecturer at the CUNY School of Medicine. Students then attended a series of breakout sessions and other lectures throughout the day including a panel discussion with current undergraduate and graduate students from the CUNY School of Medicine who discussed life as a medical student.