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David Fanning, Principal
Summer School & Summer Bridge Starts on Wednesday July 10th, 2024 @ 8:00 am
Academies » Honors Anatomy and Physiology

Honors Anatomy and Physiology

Honors Anatomy and Physiology

Miriam Stanford-Cusack, Ph.D.

Course Summary

Welcome to Honors Anatomy and Physiology ! This course explains how the human body is organized: the structures and functions. We will explore in depth how parts of the body work together to maintain life and the devastating effects of a breakdown in homeostasis, looking at the diseases that result.

Topics to be covered this year

  • Unit I: Anatomical terms
  • Unit II: Cell Structure and Transport
  • Unit III: Tissues
  • Unit IV: Respiratory System
  • Unit V:  Digestive System
  • Unit VI: Circulatory System
  • Unit VII: Nervous and Endocrine Response
  • Unit VIII: Immunity
  • Unit IV: Organ Donation
  • Unit X: Reproduction
  • Unit XI: Skeletal and Muscular Systems/ Movement


Class Expectations


                Attendance is VERY important! Students are expected to attend each learning session and be on time.  Students attending field trips must get approval 24 hours ahead of time. Absences not pre-approved will be considered unexcused. Points lost due to unexcused absences can be earned back by completing an extra assignment, determined by the teacher.

Homework/ Classwork

                Homework/ Classwork will be given regularly. All homework and class work assigned will be worth 10 points, according to the class rubric.  Late work will not be accepted unless you have an excused absence, as we will frequently go over the work during class the next day so that questions may be answered. There will be an opportunity to receive 50% credit for late assignments on Amnesty day before the completion of each unit.

Grades                                                                                                Exam/ Project Due Dates (approximate)

This class grade will be based                                                   10/11,    11/23,   01/19

on a weighted average.                                                              03/14,    04/19,   06/11

  1. Exams / Projects = 60 %
  2. Classwork = 20%
  3. Homework = 20%







·        Complete, well detailed

·        Shows full comprehension

·        Shows excellent effort

·        Neat, well organized and legible

·        Proper grammar and spelling



·        Complete, detailed

·        Shows substantial comprehension

·        Shows substantial effort

·        Neat, organized and legible

·        Few mistakes in grammar and spelling



·        Partially to fully complete, lacking some detail

·        Shows some comprehension

·        Shows effort

·        Neat, minimally organized and legible

·        Many mistakes in grammar and spelling



·        Partially complete, lacking some detail

·        Shows minimal comprehension

·        Shows minimal effort

·        Disorganized and slightly illegible

·        Several mistakes in grammar and spelling



·        Partially complete, unclear and lacking detail

·        Shows little or no comprehension

·        Shows little to no effort

·        Disorganized and illegible

·        Several mistakes in grammar and spelling



·        Work is not submitted