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David Fanning, Principal
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Post-Secondary Decision Day.

Post-Secondary Decision Day.

On Wednesday May 1st, the Class of 2019 celebrated APRCHS’ First Annual Post-Secondary Decision Day.

The Class of 2019 was invited to come into the Auditorium during 7th and 8th periods and formally announce their post-secondary plans to the school community.

The Class of 2019 was addressed by Deputy Borough President Aldrin Bonilla who congratulated them on their upcoming graduation and post-secondary choices.

Principal David Fanning and SBI CEO and Founder Charles Thompson also congratulated the Class of 2019 for their achievements and impressive post-secondary plans.

Students were treated to performances by the student dance groups from Sound Business Inc. as well as a sparkling grape juice toast and celebratory balloon drop.

The APRCHS Faculty was especially touched by the speech of Jery Villaman ’19 who reminded his classmates that they were all successful in their own way, and that every post-secondary choice offered them opportunities to be successful in life.


Special Thanks go out to:


The Student Success Center Team: Stacy Bosques, Jesus Ventura, and the student youth leaders for organizing this amazing event.

Ms. Ana Cruz, our College Advisor, for her unwavering support with the four year college process.

Ms. Pierina De La Cruz, Counselor for the Class of 2019, for her four years of support and dedication to our students.

Ms. Sonia Burke, IEP Counselor for the Class of 2019, for her four years of support and dedication to our students.

Ms. Natalie Gomez, our Senior Advisor, for her support in facilitating this event.

Mr. Gavin Sukhai for his support, and that of his team, for making the event possible.

Mr. Charles Thompson, and the SBI Team, for their support with this event, and for their 29 yearlong community  partnership in the College Process at APRCHS.