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David Fanning, Principal
A.Philip Randolph Campus H.S. Welcomes Parents and future students to our Open House on November 29th from 6 pm to 8 pm Can't wait to see you!


IBREA’s educational program takes participants through a process of physical, emotional and cognitive growth. The program combines theory-based learning with practice-based learning. The theory is provided in a lecture/presentation format, in a user-friendly and dynamic way. Further than retaining new knowledge, the goal of the theory is increasing the participants’ awareness of the topics and how they can apply that awareness to improve their lives. The practice involves physical movement, stretching, endurance exercises, breathing, sharing, group dynamics and writing in journals – among others. The practice accommodates to the age and condition of the participants.The goal of the practice is to feel and experience the body and brain through movement and concentration in order to absorb the concepts touched upon on the theory deeply. The program consists of three areas of concentration that together aim at a holistic development of participants to understand how their body and brain functions and how they connect to the world at large. The first area of concentration is the body, the second area of concentration is emotion and the third one is cognition and purpose. Each area of concentration includes 8 sessions. Each session can be done in 45 min to 1 hour each – or longer. The program can be done in shorter periods (combining 2 lessons into one session for instance) or longer periods of time. IBREA typically also provides reinforcing sessions after the full curriculum is implemented on an annual or biannual basis, to refresh and expand the learning. The program is effective across generations, cultures, nationalities, and other identities. Training and implementation methods may be modified to make the curriculum developmentally appropriate for any age or context. Participants acquire a series of practical strategies that can be used in any context of their lives: their family, workplace, community, global setting. After completing the program, participants are certified by IBREA to implement the curriculum in their professional, personal or social settings.
Students who completed the World Leaders for Peace with IBREA are:
Erlin Santana
Jesus Chino
Andy Checo
Cynthia Vasquez