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Welcome to the College Office Page!

Choosing the “right” college is both a fascinating and a frustrating task. Fascinating
because there are so many fine colleges and universities from which to choose;
frustrating because it is difficult to know on what basis to decide: Size, Prestigious
reputation? Cost? Location? The condition of the dormitories? Strong areas of study?
Friends who are attending a particular college?

More than 2.5 million students start college each Fall. For most of them, the first day on
campus marks the end of a year or more of anxious planning, different chores and plain
hard work. If you are just beginning the college selection process, the planning, chores,
and hard work is still ahead of you.

Chances are that you are both excited and bewildered by the prospect of choosing one
college from over the 3,200 accredited colleges in the United States. Maybe you are
confused by the amount of information (and misinformation) that is available and by
contradictory advice about “good” and “bad” colleges. Or maybe you do not have enough
information about colleges and are not sure how to get the facts you need. If you are like
many college bound students, you are worried about grades and test scores and whether
you will be accepted by any of the colleges you think would be right for you. No one can
guarantee that a particular college or university will be “right” for you, but there are
many aspects which you can consider which may enable you to make a more informed

I hope this website will be of assistance to you in making that decision.

Ms. Hylenne Goris
College Advisor
[email protected]