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David Fanning, Principal
School is closed from April 15th 2022 to April 22nd 2022.  Mock regents will be held during this time. Students are scheduled to come in during the break to take the exam.
Teacher Handbook » Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1) General

1.1 Introduction
1.2 A. Philip Randolph Campus High School History
1.3 Mission Statement
1.4 Staff Directory
1.5 Administrative Responsibilities
1.6 School Calendar

2) Instructional Policies

2.1 Accreditation and Assessment Policies
2.2 Operational Policies
2.3 Pedagogical Policies
2.4 Common Core State Standards(CCSSI)summary for Math and ELA
2.5 CCSSI for ELA & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects
2.6 CCSSI for Mathematics

3) Operations

3.1 Administration
3.2 Bell Schedules
3.3 Staff Time Schedules
3.4 Faculty and Staff Attendance
3.5 Professional Activity Assignments (Circular 6)
3.6 Special Schedules
3.7 Routine Items
3.8 Student Attendance

4) Fiscal

5) Guidance

6) Health and Safety

7) Legal Issues

7.1 Summary of DOE Legal Regulations

7.1.1 Regarding Suspicion of Child Abuse
7.1.2 Regarding Sexual Misconduct by a Staff Member
7.1.3 Regarding Corporal Punishment
7.1.4 Regarding Disability Harassment
7.1.5 Student to Student Sexual Harassment
7.1.6 Anti-Bias Discrimination Resolution
7.1.7 Regarding Conflict of Interests
7.1.8 Regarding reporting an Arrest
7.1.9 Regarding Conducting Personal Business on School Time

7.2 Human Relations

7.2.1 Perceptions
7.2.2 Sexual Harassment
7.2.3 Parent Teacher Conferences
7.2.4 Ten Commandments of Human Relations
7.2.5 I Am Your Pupil
7.2.6 Teacher Code of Ethics
7.2.7 Parental Contact
7.2.8 When the Parent Contacts School
7.2.9 Working with the Prodigal Student

8) Forms and Docs

a. Key Request Form
b. Citywide Standards of Discipline and Intervention Measures (9/2008)