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David Fanning, Principal
Summer School & Summer Bridge Starts on Wednesday July 10th, 2024 @ 8:00 am
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Dual Language Program

APRCHS is also proud to offer a comprehensive Dual Language Program. A Dual Language Program serves English Language Learner (ELL) students by placing them in an immersive environment in which they will be exposed to both Spanish and English language instruction in the following subject areas: History, English Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics. This program is equally exciting to non-ELL students as it also allows students who are proficient in English and Spanish the opportunity to participate in the program and further develop their Spanish speaking and writing skills to include the ability to discourse in academic language as well as conversational speech. These students will be selected from incoming 9th graders who are identified as having advanced Spanish speaking abilities. The program places 17 Spanish speaking students with limited English ability in a classroom with 17 English speaking/Spanish proficient students. This will allow both groups of students the ability to acquire new skills while being in a supportive environment. Another key feature of the program is the marriage of the English Language Arts (ELA) class and the Native Language Arts (NLA) class. The NLA class teaches the same reading and writing skills that students experience in the ELA class but conducts the class using Spanish language and texts. During the double period class both the ELL and non-ELL students will be exposed to ELA and NLA aligned instruction which will best prepare all of the students to meet the Common Core State Standards.