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David Fanning, Principal

PGC 2019 Peer Leader Retreat

PGC 2019 Peer Leader Retreat


This past weekend, students and Faculty from the Peer Group Connection (PGC) program completed their third annual Beginning-Of-Year retreat at the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC). The PEEC retreat allows the students and Faculty to interact and get to know each other before they begin their outreach work with the 9th graders.

All of the students who participate in the PGC program are Seniors and are selected through a competitive interview process the previous May and June.

Following the PEEC retreat, the PGC Seniors begin pushing into 9th grade Physical Education classes and lead the 9th graders through exercises designed to foster their social-emotional growth and resilience in high school. The PGC Seniors and Faculty use the retreat weekend to train on the activities that they will be modeling for the 9th graders in the coming weeks.

Outside of the Physical Education classes, the PGC Seniors also co-facilitate several activities with the 9th graders including PGC Activity Day, and PGC Parent Night.


Thank you all for your support and encouragement as our peer leaders work to build Randolph culture in ever more positive and productive ways.

Please ask them about it when you see them - we’re sure they’ll be happy to share!


Special thanks to the following PGC Faculty for making this weekend possible:


Veronica Perdomo

Amin Perdomo

Natalie Gomez

Haydee Aybar

Gavin Sukhai

Raul Santos ‘17