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David Fanning, Principal
Classes resume for all students on September 8th, 2022. Incoming freshman students should review the Freshman Orientation presentation below for the date and time to report.

APRCHS Students Snowboarding with CHILL Foundation

APRCHS Students Snowboarding with CHILL Foundation


Special Thanks to Ms. Sonia Tharathattel for identifying a wonderful experience for some of our hardest working students this winter.

Ms. Tharathattel put the APRCHS community together with an organization named the CHILL Foundation.

Chill is a youth program created by the founders of Burton Snowboards, Jake and Donna Carpenter. The program works with different agencies, including schools, to encourage students to reach their full potential through a board sport.  

Core concepts like respect, reflection, and social skills are embedded in the program all while the students learn a new board sport.


Ms. Tharathattel and Ms. Magno are taking some of our students for free snowboarding lessons at Mountain Creek once a week for the winter season.  

Thank you Ms. Tharathattel and Ms. Magno for being so generous with your time so our students can have this opportunity.


The following students had the opportunity to participate in this program:


Yomar Perez-Paralta

Rayner Cornelio

Khaliyah Richardson

Breudy Tena

Camila Fabian

Amber Santiago

Luis Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez