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David Fanning, Principal
School is closed from April 15th 2022 to April 22nd 2022.  Mock regents will be held during this time. Students are scheduled to come in during the break to take the exam.

NY/NJ Sea Perch Competition

NY/NJ Sea Perch Competition


Congratulations to Mr. Carlos Ferreira and the Robotics Club for a strong showing at the Annual NY/NJ Seaperch Competition in Neptune/Asbury Park New Jersey. The Competition is sponsored by the United States Navy and it challenges Middle and High School students to construct and operate their SeaPerch ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) through and underwater obstacle course. This event is designed to simulate the tasks and environment that a ROV might encounter while assisting astronauts in space.


Many thanks to the US NAVY who fully funded the cost of the ROV, all required materials and tools, and the entrance fees.

Special thanks to Petty Officer Vagle & Petty Officer Hassett who visited us several times afterschool to help our team get off the ground with this project.


Thank you to Carlos Ferreira for his leadership with the Robotics Club.

Thank you to our hard working students whose creativity and drive are preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow.


If you are interested in joining the Robotics Club, or if you are interested in software of game design, please see Mr. Ferreira in room 404.