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David Fanning, Principal
Classes resume for all students on September 8th, 2022. Incoming freshman students should review the Freshman Orientation presentation below for the date and time to report.

Student Advancement Center at APRCHS

Student Achievement Center


APRCHS is proud to announce that the Student Advancement Center (SAC) has begun its classroom presentations this week.

SAC is an outreach program provided by Sound Business Inc (SBI) ( our resident Community Based Organization (CBO) since 1991 (That is 31 years for those who are counting!).

SAC’s mission is to begin the College Bound process in 9th grade by exposing students to College and Career Exploration.

This week SAC covered some of the following: Introduction to Note-taking (Hochman Method), Introduction to the Student Achievement Hub/Suite 109, Introduction to SBI and concluded with students completing their Holland Code Assessment.

SAC provides the classroom teachers with individual student portfolios of their work and provides teachers with various SAC Extension Assignments/Activities throughout the year to add to their Google Classroom.


Thank you to SBI’s CEO and Executive Director Mr. Kelly Downing and SBI’s Director of Advancement and Communications, Mr. Charles Thompson for their continued support.

APRCHS continues to go far in the services we provide our students and families with the help of our Community Partners like SBI.


If you have questions about the Student Advancement Center or Sound Business Inc, or you would like to know more about how SBI can support students in your class, please reach out to:


Kelly Downing

[email protected]


Charles Thompson

[email protected]