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David Fanning, Principal
Spring Break April 22nd 2024 to April 30th 2024 (School Closed). School Reopens Wednesday May 1st 2024.

Snowboarding with CHILL Foundation in 2023

Snowboarding with CHILL Foundation in 2023


Special Thanks to Ms. Sonia Tharathattel for bringing the CHILL program back to Randolph for a second year!.

CHILL is a youth program created by the founders of Burton Snowboards, Jake and Donna Carpenter. The program works with different agencies, including schools, to encourage students to reach their full potential through a board sport.  

Core concepts like respect, reflection, and social skills are embedded in the program all while the students learn a new board sport.

Students participating in the program receive free snowboarding lessons at Mountain Creek once a week for the winter season.  

All expenses are paid by the CHILL foundation including transportation and equipment.


Thank you, Ms. Tharathattel, for being so generous with your time so our students can have this opportunity.


The following students had the opportunity to participate in this program:


Camila Fabian

Khaliyah Richardson

Faith Maldonado

Brandon Morales

Jackie DeLeon

Sheyly Recinos

Denis Banegas

Aaron Guy