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David Fanning, Principal
A. Philip Randolph is proud to announce freshman orientation for the class of 2022 alongside our first annual PGC Family Night.  On 3/14/2018

The Writing Revolution

The Writing Revolution


  1. Philip Randolph Campus High School is proud to celebrate its’ third year of implementation of Judith Hochman’s “The Writing Revolution” (TWR).

TWR is a research based literacy program that engages students in activities designed to strengthen their critical reading and writing abilities in all subject areas, even MATH!

Principal David Fanning is proud of all of the hard work that the Faculty and students have put into TWR so far and is looking forward to even greater results in the future.

Special thanks to APRCHS’ TWR Coordinator Mr. Kelly Downing and Peer Collaborative Teacher, Ms. Francesca Muraca for giving 110% to make this program a success!

For more information please visit their website at