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David Fanning, Principal
On Friday 11/9 our seniors will be celebrating their third Spirit Day: Pijama Day.  Let's celebrate with our seniors by wearing comfy PJs to work that day!

The Hispanic Society of New York extended an exclusive invitation to

The Hispanic Society of New York extended an exclusive invitation to 
Dr. Van Zwaren and her A.P. Spanish students to attend a classical concert of the music composed by Marianna Martines (1744-1812), a hispanic woman composer and contemporary of Franz Joseph Hadyn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Both Haydn and Mozart worked and played music alongside this relevant female composer of the choral music of the classical era. Students learned about music, instruments, and society in 18th century Vienna. 
     The concert took place at St. Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church this past Thursday for our Randolph students, who learned how musicians are able to take political stands through their talents. Sonnambula, a musical ensemble that has directed their primary mission to the enlightenment of feminist musicology, performed Martines' original compositions on her preferred instrument, the harpsichord, along with violins, a viola, and horns. Through the talented performance of Sonnambula &Friends, they were transported to Martines' music salon, where Mozart found his own musical inspiration. 
   This concert was one of a musical series offered by the Hispanic Society, highlighting the works of hispanic women composers. Parents (Ms. Carmen Brioso and Ms. Juanita Medina) and teachers ( Mr. Matias and Ms. Lacera) helped chaperone this field trip.