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David Fanning, Principal
On Friday 11/9 our seniors will be celebrating their third Spirit Day: Pijama Day.  Let's celebrate with our seniors by wearing comfy PJs to work that day!

Peer Group Connection (PGC) Annual Peer Leader Retreat

Peer Group Connection (PGC) Annual Peer Leader Retreat


  1. Philip Randolph Campus High School (APRCHS) was thrilled to host The Second Annual PGC Peer Leader Retreat during the long Rosh Hashanah weekend (09/07-09/10/18).

58 APRCHS Seniors traveled to the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) to engage in a four day, three night retreat to prepare them to engage the Freshman Class in the

Peer Group Connection (PGC) Program.


In the PGC program High School Seniors work in pairs to engage small groups (10-12) of High School Freshman in Peer Mentoring Sessions. The Seniors discuss social emotional wellness, the transition from middle school to high school, and how to make better and more mindful choices as we move from thinking like children, to thinking like adults. The PGC program runs throughout the school year and was very well received last year by both parents and students. APRCHS has high hopes for this year’s Senior and Freshman classes to have an even greater experience with the program.


Many thanks to the following PGC Faculty Advisors for being so generous with their time this weekend and for all of the time and effort planning a trip of this magnitude entails:


Veronica Perdomo

Amin Perdomo

Haydee Aybar

Libany Malyukov

Desi Hernandez

Raysa Toribio

Gavin Sukhai

Natalie Gomez