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David Fanning, Principal
Classes resume for all students on September 8th, 2022. Incoming freshman students should review the Freshman Orientation presentation below for the date and time to report.

Alumni Day 2018

Congratulations to the Student Achievement Hub (SAH) for their successful first Annual Alumni Day Event.

The Community Based Organizations (CBO) that make up the SAH put together an all-day event that brought our current Class of 2019 together with recent alumni in small groups.

The groups discussed the transition between high school and college, their various college choices, and the challenges of living outside of NYC.

The groups also had the chance to play College Jeopardy and indulge in a Chat and Chew lunch.

The event ended with a panel discussion with four of our more established graduates.

The students also had the opportunity to watch a private screening of Personal Statement a recent documentary about NYC students and the college process.


Special thanks to Ms. Ana Cruz, Mr. Charles Thompson, Ms. Stacy Bosques, Mr. Jesus Ventura and the youth leaders for all of the work they did to make this event a success.

Thanks also go out to our amazing alumni, 39 of them who came out to support today’s event and meet the Class of 2019.