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David Fanning, Principal
Academies » 12th Grade Film

12th Grade Film

A.Philip Randolph High School
D. Fanning, Principal
K. Foster-Ba, Assistant Principal, Humanities
Ms. Solanki, Film as Literature

Dear Student,
This school year (2017-2018) you are enrolled in Film as Literature. Our class meets daily and for many students both
semesters are requirements for graduation.
Course Description
We don’t usually think of films as texts, but in fact they contain all of the elements of fiction – plot, theme,
characterization, and conflict, to name a few! In this class, you will look at several movies as works of literature; you’ll
identify and analyze these and other literary elements, as well as writing personal responses and opinion papers on the
Course objectives
Students will be able to:
● Identify and analyze literary elements in film including plot, theme, symbolism, character, and conflict.
● Respond to questions that encourage critical thought and looking beneath the surface of about the film.
● Write personal responses to films, giving specific examples from the film to support their statements.
● Recognize and analyze the “figurative language” of film - cinematic techniques such as lighting, set design,
music, and camera angles.
● Analyze groups of films with similar themes, and evaluate which film best exemplifies this theme, using specific
evidence from the films.
● Analyze how a specific point of view affects the meaning of the film as a whole and the viewer’s experience;
compare and contrast films with differing points of view.
Major Units Studied this Year:
● Power and Corruption
● Horror/Thriller
● Mental Health
● The American Dream
● Government and Regulation
Grading Policy & Assessments
In accordance with a school wide policy, the grading policy for this course is:
60% -- Exams/Essays/Projects/Quizzes
25% -- Class Work (attendance and punctuality, collaborative work with peers, independent assignments, active
participation in class discussions, and demonstrating respect for oneself & others)
You will receive a participation grade for every day that you attend based on your class participation and/or work
produced, on time- Do Now addressed immediately.
15% -- Homework ( writing assignments that students will complete each week)
● Film section in a 3 ring binder or spiral notebook
● Blue or Black ink pens
● Loose-leaf paper in a folder
Ongoing Communication through Skedula:
Always check Pupilpath/ Skedula!!!
Our school is using Skedula/ Pupil Path to regularly post student's’ assignments, grades, and academic progress. The
school also posts upcoming workshops, important dates & events on this site. Every assignment I give is posted on
Skedula. Daily attendance and cutting of classes is posted daily. You and your parents can know exactly how your
child is doing, what homework and classwork they have done or not done. I urge parents to please check it regularly
and know that if you are not comfortable using a computer your child knows how to enter the system and show you
exactly how they are doing. Luckily it makes the whole diverse educational system much clearer and more transparent.
Classroom Rules:
● Demonstrate Respect by listening, communicating in turn, contributing to the community’s discussions and
well-being, and being sensitive to the feelings and needs of others
● Enter the room before the late bell and get to work
● We read many plays and articles and reading aloud, acting and contributing to discussions is a major
● Late work is not accepted unless a legitimate Doctor’s Note is provided.
● Any work that is copied or too close to another’s will not earn credit. Students have failed the class for forms of
plagiarism from colleagues or internet sources, etc.
● You must always write your full name first and last clearly and your period number on any work submitted.
● Always clean up after yourself.
● Please inform me ahead of time of any extended absences or family emergencies. It is better for me to know
and give you an extension or a plan of action instead of dealing with problems later. You can always contact me
through pupilpath.
● It is YOUR responsibility to check your grades on Skedula/Pupilpath. Your grades are updated every week, and
they are always accurate.
● You WILL NOT be allowed to take an exam if you are absent on the day of the exam. Only a doctor’s note (not a
parent’s note) will be accepted as an excused absence.
The following infractions will result in a lowering of your daily participation grade:
● Latenesses
● Cell Phone Use
● Completing Work from Another Class
● Sleeping in class
● Other disruptive behavior.
Email :
Phone: (212) 690-6800 Room 409