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David Fanning, Principal
Saturday, May 4th Mock Regents: Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry
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Humanities Academy

The Academy of the Humanities: The Academy of the Humanities offers students the opportunity to explore the liberal arts as they prepare for entry to a competitive college or university. Students enrolled in the Academy of the Humanities take courses such as Introduction to the Humanities, Research Methodology, The Language of Argument, and Reading and Writing New York.

Students enrolled in the Academy of the Humanities are also encouraged to participate in additional enrichment courses such as AP US History, AP English Composition, and AP English Literature. Students in the Academy of the Humanities are invited to exclusive events with CCNY, Harlem Stage, and other cultural organizations with the NYC area.

Course Sequence:

  • 9th grade : Introduction to the Humanities
  • 10th grade : Research Methodologies*
  • 11th grade : The Language of Argument*
  • 12th grade : Reading and Writing New York*
* Course syllabuses will be available here soon

Download our brochure here!
  9 10 11 12
1 SS1 SS2 SS3 SS4
3 Math1 Math2 Math3 Art
4 Science1 Science 2 Science3 Elective
5 PE/Science PE/Science PE PE/Health
6 Intro Humanities Research Methology The language of argument Reading and Writing New York
8 World L. World L. World L. Elective