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David Fanning, Principal
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Teacher Handbook » 3.8 Student Attendance

3.8 Student Attendance

Attendance Procedures

As per New York State law and Chancellor’s Regulation A210, it is the responsibility of each teacher to maintain a record of student attendance and absence. Students’ daily attendance is recorded during the second period as outlined below (1). Each subject teacher should maintain a written record of class attendance in addition to the procedures outlined below. 

I.Responsibilities of the second Period Subject Class Teacher:

a. Take attendance daily using the ATS Attendance Roster Form (Daily Attendance)

a.i. The scan sheets are located in the main office and must be picked up on a daily basis.

a.ii. The scan sheets are bubbled during the period two subject class and are immediately forwarded to the Attendance Office.

a.iii. When filling in the bubble sheet please make sure to use a number two pencil and completely fill in the respective bubbles.

a.iv. Fill in the Attendance Taken bubble in the left hand column only (A.M.)

a.v. If a class is released from school for official reasons (ex. Regent’s Exam, etc.) fill in the attendance taken and the released from school bubbles. If the released from school bubble is used absence or lateness may not be entered for that period. Enter each student’s attendance information on the line to the right of the student’s name. If the student is present and on time for a session, both bubbles for that session should be left blank (A and L) If the student is absent, fill in the A bubble. If the student is late fill in the L bubble. When students arrive late please ensure that you completely fill in the L bubble and erase the previously marked A bubble.

a.vii. Please ensure that all stray marks and errors are thoroughly erased prior to submission. Please do not use white out on the Attendance Sheets.

a.viii. Sign the attendance sheets, in ink, in the space provided and return the Attendance Form to the Attendance Coordinator.

a.ix. Please be reminded that the Attendance Form is a legal document and is the official means by which we verify student attendance. It is the subject class teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the data is reported accurately as the data can be used for official purposed. If you become aware of any mistakes that you have made on attendance forms that you have already submitted please contact the Attendance Office as soon as possible.

b. Ensure that the scan sheet is free of dirt, not torn, creased, stapled, folded, written upon, etc. and is in good condition to be scanned.

c. Inspect the Attendance From daily for accuracy and contact the Attendance Coordinator if:

c.i. The correct date does not appear on the Attendance Roster Form

c.ii. A student is in your class and his/her name does not appear on the scan sheet. DO NOT add the name. Attach a note to the roster with a paper clip.

c.iii. A student is no longer in your Second Period Attendance Class and his/her name appears on the scan sheet.

c.iv. The information in the previous day’s attendance column is incorrect. An official Change of Attendance Form must be completed.

c.v. Attendance Roster sheets (daily) are to be returned to the attendance office by the end of second period.

II.Responsibilities of all Subject Class Teachers

a. At the beginning of each week, the subject class teacher will pick up from the department mailbox, scan sheets (salmon) for each subject class. The sheets are used to record subject class student attendance.

b. Fill in the Attendance Taken bubble. If the class did not meet that day for an approved reason (ex. Final Exam week.) fill in the Released from Class bubble as well.

c. Next to each student’s name on the weekly scan sheets are 10 columns of “bubbles”. Each column corresponds to one school day. The subject class teacher is required to mark in the student absences by filling in the correct “bubble” for each day. PLEASE USE THE LEFT HAND COLUMNS ONLY. All scan sheets are submitted to the attendance office by 03:00 PM at the end of the week


Student Absence

As per Chancellor’s Regulation A210.4.6:


4.6.1 Parents are expected to submit a note or letter explaining their child’s absence from school. A note from a doctor or health-care professional should be provided in cases of extended or frequent absence due to illness. If students have been absent from school for reasons other than illness, documentation of the reason for the absence is to be presented to the school (e.g., examination schedule of special examination, court order, etc.).


4.6.2 Students who observe the religious holy days recognized by the New York State Commissioner of Education or other holy days not recognized on the calendar distributed annually may be excused based on a parent’s request in writing prior to the date of observance. Teachers must mark the student absent and the appropriate Reason Code should be entered into the ATS System. Students should be informed of the alternative dates offered for religious observers when tests are given by outside testing organizations.


4.6.3 Students are to be evaluated based on their academic performance in their subject classes. A student may not be given a failing grade based on their non attendance or lateness to a given class. If a student’s absence or lateness is so profound that they fail to achieve the measurable instructional objectives of the course they may be given a failing grade reflective of their failure to meet those standards. A grade of a “0” should be given for a student who has never shown up for a class during a given marking period. A grade of a “45” should be given for those students whose attendance or lateness has significantly contributed to their failure to meet their measurable instructional

objectives in the course. Students who do not meet the above criteria should be given a grade no lower than “55”.