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David Fanning, Principal
The first day of classes will be on September 13th at 8 AM, that the building will be open at 7:30 am for breakfast, welcome back looking forward to seeing everyone in person again.
Teacher Handbook » 4.2 Compensatory and Per Session Assignments

4.2 Compensatory and Per Session Assignments

Per Session

Per Session positions are tasks that school staff may apply for that happen beyond their contractual work day and for which they are compensated at the contractual per session rate. As of the 2011-2012 school year the rate for teachers is $41.98 and the rate for school secretaries is $25.87. Unless otherwise specified per session activities are ratable activities and can affect your overall professional rating for the year.Staff are required to maintain a separate time card for all per session activities and are required to punch in and out to record their time while performing the activity. Additional requirements and documentation are delineated on the job posting. Per session time sheets (available in the APO office) and the associated time card should be submitted every pay period (two weeks) and should be delivered to the office of the Assistant Principal of Organization no later than the last day of the pay period in question. All per session positions are posted by the entrance to the main office.The postings are updated periodically during the year so please check them frequently. The complete list is reviewed by the Principal and the UFT Chapter Leader every year and the postings for August – June are posted by June of the previous year. For example the per session posting for the August 2008- June 2009 Academic year would be posted no later than June 2008.

If you would like to apply for a per session activity please follow the below steps:

  1. Identify the job you would like to apply for in the packet of per session/compensatory time assignments posted in the main office.
  2. Fill out the Application for Per Session Activity and submit to the office of the Principal no later than the end of the posting date.
  3. If you performed the same activity satisfactorily for the past two years you may apply for Retention Rights (the right to the position over other applicants). You may only apply retention rights to one activity per year.
  4. If you are engaged in more than one per session activity or have exceeded the maximum amount of per session activity in a given year you must also fill out the below Request for Waiver of Restriction on Per Session Employment.
  5. You will be contacted by the Principal’s office regarding your application. Do not commence activity until you have been contacted by the Principal’s office.
  6. Please feel free to stop by the office of the APO if you have any questions or problems regarding the above.