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David Fanning, Principal
The first day of classes will be on September 13th at 8 AM, that the building will be open at 7:30 am for breakfast, welcome back looking forward to seeing everyone in person again.
Teacher Handbook » 4.3 Copy Machine Policies

4.3 Copy Machine Policies

Office Copiers

Unless otherwise posted by the building administration all copy machines in the offices are for the use of office staff only. Please do not use office copy machines to make instructional or personal copies without prior permission from the building administration.

Departmental Office Copiers
Unless otherwise posted by the Departmental Supervisor or Coordinator all departmental copy machines are available for use by all instructional staff assigned to A. Philip Randolph Campus High School. Please be courteous to other users and observe the following guidelines when using departmental copiers:
  1. Do not leave machines empty of supplies (paper, ink). Replace the materials or notify the supervisor.
  2. Do not leave the machines in a broken condition. Please notify the departmental supervisor or their designee if a machine stops working for any reason.
  3. Departmental copy machines are intended for instructional materials intended for classroom use. Do not use the copy machines to make personal copies.
  4. Please use RISO copy machines for large volume single sheet copies. Regular machines can be used for the production of class sets. If you need a much more large volume job please send the job to the central copy room.
  5. Please keep in mind that paper and toner are expensive commodities and are in limited supply. Be as judicious as possible in the materials that you copy.

Main Copy Room

If you have a large copy job or one that requires a great deal of collation (multiple page exams, lab manuals, etc) please submit the Copy Request form along with your prepared master copy. Completed forms may be submitted in the copy request box located in the main office. When submitting requests please observe the following guidelines:
  1. Please make a master copy of your print job. This means please copy and scan all materials onto finished sheets ready to be placed in the drop feeder. Copy jobs with materials taped, glued, or otherwise affixed to the sheet will not be accepted and will be returned un-copied.
  2. The main copy room services the needs of all of the departments as well as the central offices. Please submit your copy requests at least two days prior to your requested completion date.
  3. Do not submit copy requests unless they bear the signature of the supervisor/coordinator of your department. Unsigned requests will be returned unprocessed.
  4. Please completely fill out the Copy Request form. If you have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact the APO office for assistance.