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David Fanning, Principal
The first day of classes will be on September 13th at 8 AM, that the building will be open at 7:30 am for breakfast, welcome back looking forward to seeing everyone in person again.
Teacher Handbook » 3.5 Professional Acitivity Assignments

3.5 Professional Acitivity Assignments

C-6 Menu Options

1. Circular 6R is a contractually required professional obligation that provides a menu of professional activities from which a pedagogue may select an assignment. Pedagogical personnel must choose three potential assignments and rank them in order of preference. Assignments will be based on established criteria and availability of positions. If two candidates are equally qualified for an assignment with a finite number of positions, building seniority shall determine who is assigned. If you are not given one of your top three choices, you will be asked to select three additional menu items. If all three items selected are the same, or three items are not selected, it will be considered that no preference exists. Teachers serving as athletic coaches or in compensatory time positions may use their professional activity period to further the work of those positions.

2. C6 assignments are to be performed during a specified period of the day, every day, five days a week. The period will be determined in consultation with your departmental supervisor (AP) and the needs of the C6 position (lunch periods, etc).

3. Please note that items listed with zero positions are part of the contractual list but items we are choosing not to implement this year. These items will not be available via the online system to choose from.

4. Teachers who would like to participate in an assignment that is not on the menu may do so with my approval as per contractual guidelines.

5. In collaboration with the UFT Chapter, a “C-6 Relief Committee” consisting of the Principal, Chapter Leader and a neutral third party will be created. A written proposal for temporary relief of C-6 is required and 2/3 vote of the committee will provide the needed relief to complete another task in lieu of the assigned C-6.

6. It is strongly recommended that teachers select Common Planning Time as a means to collaborate with colleagues and continue much of the great work that occurred over the years. Examples include, but are not limited to: teachers of a common elective course, teachers from a common course (Freshman English, Sophomore History, etc), or teachers from a common academy. Common planning groups are subject to the approval of the departmental and/or academy Assistant Principal.

7. Please complete the registration process no later than June 1st, 2012

8. Please type the following link into your address bar to access the online C6 selection tool:

When you click the above link it will prompt you for your staff username and password.

Your username is the first letter of your first name + your complete last name. Therefore my username would be dfanning.

Your password is Randolph1.

If you have any questions or problems please contact Mr. Gavin Sukhai at