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David Fanning, Principal
The first day of classes will be on September 13th at 8 AM, that the building will be open at 7:30 am for breakfast, welcome back looking forward to seeing everyone in person again.
Teacher Handbook » 3.6 Special Schedules

3.6 Special Schedules

Special Assembly Schedule

There are periodic assemblies which teachers and students may attend by invitation only. Teachers will meet their students in the auditorium and seat them in the assigned seating area. Teachers are required to take attendance and to remain with their class to actively supervise their students.

At the end of the assembly program, students will be dismissed to their next period classes. All staff members should make an effort to assist in the supervision of the students during assemblies. All staff are invited to be part of the audience if they are free from other assignments. Teachers with compensatory jobs may be given special assembly assignments. All staff will be informed in advance of any special assignments. All available members of the supervisory staff will be in the auditorium to help direct students and oversee behavior.

Parent Teacher Conference Days
Afternoon and evening conferences are scheduled each term, usually in October and March. Contractually, all teachers and supervisory staff must be present for these conferences. Those absent will be required to make up the time in an appropriate manner as determined by the principal in consultation with the UFT Chapter Chair.